Boobies, Boo Boos & Bruises Balm


Boobies, Boo Boos & Bruises Balm


Materials: lanolin, beeswax, mullen, calendula, olive oil, honey, coconut oil, Frankincense, essential oil, blue bottle

This recipe was formulated for a friend who's baby had extreme diaper rash due to a nasty stomach bug. Not only did it work beautifully for the diaper rash but her husband, who is a fly fishing guide, discovered that it was "magical" for his abused hands. 


It also is protecting and healing for:

  • Baby Butts
  • Cracked, dry and sore nipples due to nursing infants. 
  • Hands dried out form washing dishes, hand washing, cold weather, etc.
  • Chapped lips.
  • Fishing, Hunting, Chopping Wood, Gardening, and other such outdoor activities. 
  • Chaffing of any sort. 
  • Eczema and other very dry or irritated skin. 
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