Ayurvedic Face Masks

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Ayurvedic Face Masks


100% Natural face masks or Cleansing grains

Chemical free | preservative free | artificial color free

Single Application Size

Hand crafted by: Kaya Soaps

Packed with powerful antioxidants, skin tightening & detoxifying natural clays, flower petal powder essential oils & lot more.

Common ingredients

French clays ( Kaolin clay, Red clay, Green clay), Bentonite clay - to draw out impurities and toxins
Adzuki bean powder or red lentil powder for skin tightening effect & exfoliation
Turmeric - antiseptic properties
Flower petal powder, Activated charcoal, Cacao powder, green tea powder..as per face mask type.

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How to Use

In a small dish, pour all the contents from one packet, add slowly -- purified water / rose water / aloe vera gel as per your skin type, to make a paste , check the consistency, it should not be too thick or too thin.
Apply evenly on face in upward direction . Massage a bit. 
Let it dry completely as normally we do for face masks.
Wash off with plain water. 
Pat dry. Apply toner & moisturizer. Feel the difference.