Green Tea

Quickly steamed or pan-fired to denature the oxidizing enzymes and preserve quality and freshness, green tea is rich in antioxidants. In the mid-range from decaf to robust, Green tea is more delicate and will become bitter when steeped at temperatures that reach or surpass the boiling point. 185°F with a steep time of 2-5 minutes.

Black Tea

Black tea is fully oxidized and able to withstand higher steeping temperatures, around 2°F for 3-5 minutes or longer and has the added bonus: many black teas can be double or even triple steeped.

Oolongs and Pu'erhs 

Deep and rich and a little bit earthy, Steep at 212° for 3-5 minutes. Oolong tea is known for it's ability to aid in relief from many skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Pu'erh is naturally fermented and can be served "cooked" or "raw" and rinsed.

Rooibos Teas

Made from dried Rooibos leaves, this tasty wonder is South African in heritage and is not technically a tea. We consider it tea in the United States because it is steeped and served in the exact same manor as literal teas. Rooibos is smooth, beautiful and exotic and is steeped at a temperature around 210°F for at least 4 minutes. 

Herbal Teas and Herbs

Herbal tea or "tisanes," are herbs and spices and everything in between that can be steeped in hot water and enjoyed in the same way that typical tea is. Historically, herbal tea has been used around the world for as long as human kind has existed to cure ailments and fight toxins. Steep at 212°F for a minimum of 3 minutes

White Tea

White tea is a lightly oxidized tea that typically incorporates rarer and hard to find ingredients, like buds and leaves, (most of which are grown and harvested in China.) Steep at 195°F for 2-5 minutes.


Matcha takes green tea consumption to another level by utilizing the leaves of the plant entirely. By grinding green tea leaves into a super fine powder, you are actually consuming all of the benefits that green tea offers rather than simply steeping the leaves.  At Vida pour Tea, we are proud to offer a spectacular brand of matcha brought to you by Dr. Li Gong, owner of Encha Organic Matcha. Encha is the world’s only exclusively-organic matcha brand thus far. They literally practice “farm to cup” to ensure quality and safety, reduce trading layers, and support everyone in the community to have his/her perfect cup of organic matcha.