Welcome to our little world! My name is Sarah Chapman, owner and creator of Vida pour Tea. Our mission is to create a special experience by way of tea and wellness. We believe that every ingredient, every process and every hand are what makes these products unique and special. Your tea and herbs have ingredients which have been carefully sourced and certified Organic, Fair Trade and Gluten-Free. Body care is hand-crafted and made in the USA in small batches by small, independent businesses who focus solely on their craft and share our belief that no product should contain unnatural ingredients, harmful chemicals, and should be 100% cruelty-free. 

Stop in and allow us to custom-craft a special tea for your current mood or needs for the day. Some come to us with ailments that just a simple cup of tea can help to aid; ginger for the stomach, hibiscus for high blood pressure, a fantastic blend for troublesome allergies. Others come to us to sip on delicious (yet conscious) concoctions like a peppermint fenugreek latte lightly sweetened with local honey and frothed almond milk. No flavorings, no artificial syrups or sweeteners, no soy... our customers love their healthy on-the-go custom creations and walking into an atmosphere that takes you to a place of calm (if even for a moment.) We offer a wide variety of locally baked goods from over 6 small local bakeries and are proud to offer a wide selection of gluten-free and vegan items that taste so amazing, you won't know the difference!